2004-2013: A Second Century and Beyond

Women Legislators

As Washington women attained a new milestone — one century of voting rights — their integral role in government is no longer in doubt. It is not unusual for women to hold political and judicial offices, representing Washington citizens on the local, state, and national levels. Women also continue to work for civic betterment and other causes in a variety of community groups and political organizations

It was once exclaimed: “What a difference a century makes!” Since Washington’s territorial beginnings, women have worked tirelessly for the public good. From behind the scenes in community organizations to more prominent roles in state politics, they have helped to shape Washington government.

By 2006, women represented a high percentage of Legislators. Listening to testimony in a committee hearing were (clockwise from top, left) Representatives Eileen Cody, Dawn Morrell, Sherry Appleton and Patricia Lantz.