Ella Wintler

Ella Wintler
Ella Wintler (Republican) represented [the 17th District, 1951-1959 and the 29th District 1959-1965] of Clark County in the House of Representatives for ten terms between 1938 and 1964.

Born 1885, in Vancouver, Washington, Wintler was a life-long resident of the area. She graduated from the University of Washington {A.M. and A.B. degrees) and taught English, German and social studies at Vancouver High School for 34 years. Wintler was first drawn into public affairs as a member of the Vancouver city planning commission. In 1938 she campaigned for state representative and began a twenty year career of legislative service to the state.

Representative Wintler was always careful to put the needs of Clark County residents first. She voted to support the Public Utility District. and fought legislation that would have weakened PU Ds. She asked to be on the State Institutions Committee each session in order to support the blind and deaf schools in Vancouver, where, due to her efforts, vocational and recreational programs were enacted.

Improvement in the treatment of patients at state mental hospitals was a high priority for Representative Wintler. She repeatedly sponsored legislation for research into the prevention and treatment of mental retardation. Her efforts also helped reform laws governing penal institutions, and helped to create a diagnostic clinic for juvenile delinquents and a new institution for the rehabilitation of in-between age convicts.

A highly respected legislator, Representative Wintler served as Speaker Pro Tempore during the 1963 session; and in nearly every session requested and received positions on the Appropriations and Education committees.

--Political Pioneers, The Women Lawmakers