Marion C. Gleason

Marion C. Gleason
Marion C. Gleason (Democrat) represented [the 27th] district of Pierce County in the House of Representatives for four terms, from 1956 to 1964.

Born 1916, in Seattle, Gleason ... live[d] in Gig Harbor, where she ... raised her five children. Introduced to politics at an early age, she was employed by her mother (a precinct committeewoman) to carry literature for Democratic candidates at the age of seven. " I've always enjoyed politicking," Gleason has said. "I was elected because I was the type of person my district wanted, earthy and on the humanistic side."

Though encouraged by Democratic Party members to run for the Legislature, leadership positions were consistently denied women by the Pierce County Democratic party organization. Despite their footdragging and their lack of campaign support, she built on her experience and popularity and put together a winning campaign.

In the Legislature, Representative Gleason fought for her bills and carefully manipulated the system to pass the "Safe and Sane" legislation for fireworks, vocational training bills, and legislation supporting Labor interests. She saw herself as a voice for her constituents and devoted much of her time to being their legislative ombudsman.

--Political Pioneers, The Women Lawmakers