Joanne Brekke

Joanne Brekke
Joanne Brekke (Democrat) represent[ed] [the 32nd] district of King County in the House of Representatives. Appointed in 1979, she was elected later that year.

Born 1935, in North Bend, Washington, Brekke was raised in Snoqualmie and ... live[d] in Seattle. Hoping "to make the world a bit better," she attended the University of Washington and in 1957 received her B.A. in Sociology.

Volunteer campaign work was her first step into political involvement. Concerned about quality of education she lobbied in Olympia for Citizens for Fair School Funding. While picking up the fine points of legislative process, she came to the realization that she was capable of being a good legislator. An open seat in her district provided the opportunity to prove it.

Representative Brekke would like to see more women in office. She feels women legislators as a group have more to prove and tend to work harder. She has three teenage children.

--Political Pioneers, The Women Lawmakers